The market grew by 24% - every second car sold is made in Kazakhstan



• In 2018, Kazakhstanis purchased 60 new cars worth 928 billion tenge

December 2018 was the seventh month with sales of over 5000 vehicles/month and the best month for Kazakhstani auto retail, in December 5 786 new cars. In total, the market in 2018 crossed the mark 60 thousands units, which was a plus 24% compared to the previous year.

Demand for cars "Made in Kazakhstan" in the total market share increased to 49% Last year. In December 2018, the market share of domestically produced cars crossed the bar for the first time 55%, updating the historical maximum of sales.


“The share of locally produced cars will continue to increase in 2019. If the current economic indicators and GDP growth continue, the market will continue to recover. Currency fluctuations and tougher sanctions against our northern neighbor may correct the forecasts. However, AKAB expects sales growth within 70 thousand units new cars and commercial vehicles. In addition, another 10 billion tenge will be allocated for preferential car loans in the near future, which will have a positive impact on the market.” - Vice President of JSCAB Anar MAKASHEVA.

According to Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB), official dealers sold 57 533 units of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (25,5%), and 3 090 units of trucks and special equipment (+ 6,2 %), 305 units of buses (+ 1,33 %).

Top ten best-selling car brands Lada 13 413 cars (+ 53.6 % compared to the same period in 2017). Bestseller of the last two years Toyota showed record sales - 12 278 sold cars, and this is only the second position (+ 32.5 %). Nevertheless, the Japanese brand continues to collect the main revenue. Close to the leaders began to approach Hyundai - 8 715 sold cars (+ 140.5 %). Sales with the start of production of the entire line of cars in Kostanay grew by 2.4 times.

The struggle in the second three is denser - throughout the year the brands changed places. Eventually Kia managed to rise to the fourth position - last year it was sold 2 862 auto (+ 24.4 %). Nissan continues to actively promote its products (2 units; +422%). I Renault only sixth place this year 2 (-002%). Semi-annual absence of Ravon on the market affected the results - total 1 727 cars (-62.6%). Cars Volkswagen in eighth place with the result 1 units (+539%). Top 10 closes out Lexus (1 units; +403%)JAC (1 units; +125%) и Chevrolet (1; -102%).

In the context of passenger models at the top of the hit parade for the third year in a row, the bestseller Toyota Camry - 4 (+761%). On the second line Lada 4×4 (3 units; +468%), closes the triple Lada Granta (3 units; +428%). They are followed by: Lada Vesta (2955 units; +210%)Hyundai Tucson (2 units; +692%)Hyundai Accent (2083 units; +196%), Lada Largus (2020 units; +22%). Ten close - Hyundai Elantra (1986 units; +126%), Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (1905 units; +56%) и Hyundai Creta (1672 units; +75%).



Date: 21.01.2019