The association of legal entities "Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business" (ALE "AKAB") was created in 2010 as a non-profit structure on the basis of a voluntary association of Kazakh professional organizations - dealers, importers and distributors of the automobile market of Kazakhstan.

  • The Association is a unique and only professional association in the automotive market of Kazakhstan, which is aimed at maintaining and fully strengthening its status and position, and also, due to the professional competence of its members, at achieving the position of the main public expert on issues of the car market in Kazakhstan;
  • ACAB members are united by the desire to develop the automobile market in Kazakhstan, based on the principles of fair competition, professional business ethics, an effective regulatory framework for regulating the market and legal relations of its participants;
  • The development of the automotive industry in Kazakhstan is a national task, since it affects the interests of not only automobile dealers and organizations providing transportation and maintenance of vehicles, but also all participants in motor traffic and transportation, including state authorities regulating relevant legal relations (including customs services and other government bodies related to these areas of activity) and the population as a whole;
  • The Association is ready to provide free comprehensive assistance to the state from the professional community of automotive market participants in the development of the automotive industry in our country;
  • ACAB intends to make every effort to include in the work of various working groups and committees on a parity basis with state representatives to jointly develop various kinds of initiatives and undertakings in the field of interests of car market participants and its consumers;
  • All members of the Association support the point of view regarding the need to form relationships in the car market and business, based on the best practices and standards established in the world;
  • ACAB is ready to direct and coordinate the efforts of its members for the purpose of establishing a civilized automobile market in Kazakhstan and improving the culture of commercial and public relations of its participants and consumers of goods and services on it;
  • Kazakhstani manufacturers and businessmen can and are ready to be integrated into global professional communities, to represent the interests of Kazakhstan at the proper level in them, to be an equal “player” on the world stage - which is what AKAB will strive for in every possible way;
  • Kazakhstani society needs to form a professional vanguard for dialogue between the business community of the car market and other participants in legal relations in it with state regulators of these relations, and the Association plans to take on such a role in the car market;
  • It is necessary to form a unified, reliable and independent research, analytical, expert center for the accumulation of statistical, marketing and other information to form a reliable, detailed and complete database of information about the car market in addition to that collected by state statistical bodies.
    To form a centralized, civilized automobile market in Kazakhstan, based on the best international standards and practices, in which a balanced system of building relations between the state, consumers and suppliers of goods and services is implemented, and all mechanisms for productive work are created.  


  • Create a system and mechanisms of an official dealership institution in Kazakhstan, based on the best world standards.
  • Make a serious contribution to the development of the domestic automotive industry;
  • To form an effective organization that is influential in the international and Kazakh business communities to fully represent the interests of car market participants in the sphere of regulating relationships in it;
  • Create the most complete information base on car market issues and establish a highly professional corps of experts and journalists specializing in issues of the automobile industry and the motor transport market;
  • To approve ACAB as one of the largest and most influential professional associations in Kazakhstan.
  • Today, ACAB Members include such large automobile companies as:

    •KMK “Astana Motors”
    •Mercur Auto LLP
    •Toyota Motor Kz LLP
    •Allur Auto LLP
    •CBC Group LLP
    •MAN Truck & Bus Kazakhstan LLP
    •Toyota Center Zhetysu LLP
    •Caspian Motors LLP
    •Avtomir Motor Kaz LLP

    Documents and reports of ALE ACAB