The Association of Kazakhstan Automotive Business (AKAB) is confident in the future of the domestic auto industry.

“Of course, we are seeing a change in demand, but we are taking measures to preserve jobs. All our people continue to work, however, adjustments have been made to the production process.

The margin of safety of Kazakh producers, even in crisis conditions, has not been exhausted, we hold on and continue to follow long-term plans. Moreover, the number of cars produced in Kazakhstan increased in the structure of sales by almost 30%. Andrey Lavrentiev, President of AKAB, commented. - For us, a difficult time has come not now, but back in 2014, when the mass import of cars from Russia began. According to our calculations, from 2014 to November 2015, in general, it was imported to Kazakhstan 312 cars from Russia. And it affected us even more than the last devaluation.

So the change in sales dynamics was quite expected. Add to this the reduction in consumer lending and the decline in solvency due to the crisis - and as a result we get the current situation.

Of course, in a period of economic growth, it is much easier to work. However, the current crisis has most clearly demonstrated the need to develop the non-primary sector of the economy in various industries, the entire Kazakh production, including the domestic auto industry and related service projects.

Only the creation of own production contributes to a real strengthening of the economic security of Kazakhstan and will ensure price stability, reduce the dependence of Kazakhstanis on foreign exchange rates, political games and economic situations in other countries.

Enormous prospects have also been noted in the development of agricultural machinery. Already now we supply farmers with reliable domestic machines, inexpensive spare parts and quality service. We are also working on the introduction of really necessary and useful technologies, as this contributes to price stability and the development of the agricultural sector. Of course, we now cover only a small part of the needs of Kazakh farmers, however, our plans to expand the range are quite ambitious.

Many countries began their economic development in much more difficult conditions, and it was the bet on their auto industry that allowed them to enter the list of the most stable economies in the world. Kazakhstan, with its huge area and thousands of kilometers of roads, simply needs its own cars. And we intend to further expand the production of Kazakh equipment, taking into account not only our own needs, but also neighboring markets.

In just a couple of years, the domestic automotive industry has moved to a new stage, having mastered small-scale production. Projects are being implemented that previously seemed almost impossible, and what seems incredible now will become everyday life in a couple of years.

Any global crisis ends, but we need to work on strengthening our positions and reducing dependence on foreign economies, exchange rate differences and the political situation.”

Date: 29.04.2016