Promotion "Coupon in "SOS Medical Assistance" has been extended for three months

From January 1 to March 31, 2017, in the offices of the Kommesk-Omir insurance company in Almaty (as well as when insurance contracts are delivered by insurance officers), the promotional offer "Coupon in SOS Medical Assistance" is valid.
According to the terms, the coupon is issued as a gift to the insured who has concluded an agreement on any voluntary type of insurance with an insurance premium of 18 tenge or more. One contract = one coupon.
The start date of the coupon is equal to the date of signing the insurance contract under which it was presented. The coupon is valid for 3 months. After the expiration date, the coupon is considered invalid, the service is not provided.

The policyholder has the opportunity to transfer the coupon to a third party, at his discretion.

The coupon provides only ONE free service to choose from + 1 oxygen cocktail.

IMPORTANT! The free service is provided if the age of the coupon holder is from 1 to 65 years old inclusive. The service is provided only in SOS Medical Assistance clinics.

More information can be found on the website:

"SOS Medical Assistance Coupon" promo extended for three months - JSCAB 

Promotion for customers "We pay more by 225 thousand!"

In honor of its 25th anniversary, "Kommesk-Omir" increased the sums insured

for 25 thousand tenge for the same price!

Participate in the action "We pay more by 225 thousand!"

At the conclusion compulsory car insurance contracts (OS GPO VTS) You receive as a gift an additional payment of up to 225 thousand tenge in case the maximum payment is not enough. You can also purchase a program of voluntary GPO insurance for vehicle owners for a large sum insured, according to the conditions and rates indicated in the table:

 Sum insuredinsurance premium
 200000 + 25000 for free! 10
 500000 + 25000 for free! 600
 1 + 000 as a gift! 1200
 1 + 500 as a gift! 1800

There is also a promotion for each client gift for insurance! Promotions are valid throughout Kazakhstan. For detailed information on the validity period and conditions of promotions, please contact the round-the-clock Call-Center by phone: +7 (727) 244 74 00; +7 701 244 74 00

"SOS Medical Assistance Coupon" promo extended for three months - JSCAB

Promotion "Gift with purchase!"

Participate in the "Gift with purchase!" and get your unique branded souvenir as a gift!

When concluding a contract for a new term or prolongation for any type of insurance for any period, depending on the amount of payment (surcharge), you receive useful and necessary gifts for every motorist*. The gift depends on the cost of insurance. You will also receive as a gift voluntary insurance for 225 thousand tenge!

"SOS Medical Assistance Coupon" promo extended for three months - JSCAB
Date: 31.01.2017