The car market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the results of 2020 in numbers


 In 2020, Kazakhstanis purchased 93 thousand new cars
• The contribution of the automotive industry to Kazakhstan's GDP increased to 612,8 billion tenge
• The new car market grew by 24%
Two out of three cars sold in Kazakhstan were produced in Kazakhstan 

Despite all the difficulties associated with the pandemic, Kazakhstan continued to show growth in 2020, and this is one of the best results in the world. According to Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB), in 2020 official dealers sold 92 989 new cars and commercial vehicles for a total amount 972 billion tenge, which in total 24% more than in 2019.
The car market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the results of 2020 in numbers - JSCAB

This year once again confirmed the long-term interest of automakers and the state in the development of the industry. The well-coordinated work of the automotive industry and the government made it possible not only to attract investment and increase jobs, but also to steadily develop exports to foreign markets. Mechanical engineering showed stable growth over 31,7% in monetary terms compared to the previous year. The increase was due to the production of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, the production of other vehicles, electrical equipment, machinery and equipment. The index of industrial production in the automotive industry was in 2020 152,5% compared to 2019.

For the twelve months of 2020, Kazakhstan produced 77 431 units vehicles of all types 53,2% more than in January-December 2019. The aggregate result of the automotive industry in terms of money exceeds the same result of the previous year by more than 70,4% (612,8 billion tenge).

The car market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the results of 2020 in numbers - JSCAB

Passenger car production increased by 47% to 64 790 units Truck production volumes doubled 8 240 units, and buses 66% (1 801 units). Manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers doubled their production (2 196 units.).

The car market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the results of 2020 in numbers - JSCAB

The main events in 2020 are the launch of new factories and production facilities in Kazakhstan. Car production started in 2020 Chevrolet at the Kostanay plant "SaryarkaAvtoProm", which in a short time showed the highest growth in the country, entering the top most popular brands in 2020 in Kazakhstan. Car production started in April Hyundai in Almaty, and in December the production of buses began yutong in the Karaganda region.

Total production in 2020 22 136 Car Hyundai (+ 39 %), 19 434 units Chevrolet и Ravon (+ 217 %) and 15 848 Car Lada (+ 8 %). The top five also included Kia (4 863 units) and JAC (4 173 units).

Every tenth car is for export 

The export orientation of the factories demonstrates the high quality of the manufactured equipment and the confidence in it from foreign customers.

In 2020, Kazakhstan exported to neighboring countries 8 122 units of cars, which is 3 times more than in 2019 (2 629 units). In general, during the calendar year, more than 10% of all manufactured equipment for the amount 55,9 billion tenge. 

Brands are in high demand in Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan HyundaiChevrolet и JAC.

The car market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the results of 2020 in numbers - JSCAB

Most popular cars sold in Kazakhstan 

The peak of sales in 2020 was recorded in the fourth quarter, in the last months of the year it was sold 29 465 vehicles, most of which were Hyundai и Chevrolet, which indicates a good start for 2021.

The car market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the results of 2020 in numbers - JSCAB

In total, according to the results of the year, the leader Hyundai, dealers sold 17 856 cars (+ 20 % to last year's results). Lada while it remains on the second line - it was sold 17453 units (+ 14 %) in the past year. The leader among cars imported into the country - Toyota, dealers of the Japanese brand sold 10 081 car in Kazakhstan (-29%) and 596 units sold to Kyrgyzstan (+ 86 %). Chevrolet sales, which started in March, is growing at a high pace, in nine months it was sold 10 029 cars (+ 1097 %).

The car market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the results of 2020 in numbers - JSCAB

On the fifth position Ravon, on the account of the brand - 7 137 sold sedans. In sixth place Kia - 6 004 auto (+ 60 %). The seventh line Renault - 2 599 units (+ 0,2 %), the same as last year. In eighth place JAC - 2 519 units (+ 80 %). TOP-10 best-selling in 2020 close: Nissan (2 units; +438%) and Volkswagen (2 427 units; + 44 %).

Premium segment in Kazakhstan in 2020 

The permanent leadership in the top 10 sales among premium brands continues to hold Lexus, which still accounts for more than 40% main sales. Car dealerships of official dealers sold 1 298 cars of this brand. Second place at BMW - 686 units (+ 13 %). Dealers CountryRover sold 247crossovers and SUVs+ 15 %). Next on the list: Infiniti (234 units; + 48 %), MercedesBenz (201 units; + 14 %), Porsche (116 units; +57%), Cadillac (111 units; + 1 %), Audi(81 units; + 21 %), Volvo (50 units; -nineteen%) and Jaguar (35 units; -nineteen%). 

The most popular model is still LexusRX (563 units), LexusLX (305units) and BMW X7 with the result 229 cars. 

In total, according to AKAB, in 2020 sales of premium cars in car dealerships decreased by 2% (3 073 units against 3 114 units in 2019) with an overall increase in sales in monetary terms by 26% to 102,6 billion tenge. The average cost of a new car in the segment is 33 384 763 tenge. 

Registrations in a small minus 

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine introduced in the cities and regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, special PSCs in April 2020 were forced to suspend or limit their activities - only 3 066 units of transport is the largest monthly drop in the last 6 years. Nevertheless, already in May the situation stabilized, the growth of registrations resumed, and in September the opposite record was recorded - the largest number of vehicle registrations for the period from 2015 to 2020 - 145 154 units. By the end of last year, 1226 721 vehicles, total -5,3% less than in 2019. 

The situation of 2020 stimulated business and the state to actively implement online trading. With the support of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in a short time it became possible to register cars online not only between individuals, but also register them initially at dealerships. Moreover, it is planned to further develop the digitalization of services.

The share of primary registration against the background of the total number of registrations in January-December 2020 increased from 7,3% to 11%. For the first time registered in Kazakhstan 135 101 units vehicles, including commercial vehicles and trailers, including registration of vehicles from Armenia. 

As in previous years, according to the results of 2020, most of all Kazakhstanis registered cars in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Toyota (189 815 units), Lada (165 units), Mercedes-Benz (82449 units), Volkswagen (80 802 units), cars moved up to the fifth line Hyundai (61 407 units), which moved to the sixth position Audi (58 289 units) of all years of issue. 

New car sales to hit 2021 units in 120 

Analyzing the prospects for the development of the market and the industry, this year the trend of increasing the share of local cars in the market will continue. At the same time, the auto industry will continue to expand production capacity, increase exports and localize products. In 2021 AKAB predicts the level of sales within 100120 thousands units of new cars and commercial vehicles. 

Date: 20.01.2021