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Car production increased by 53% in January
  * In January, equipment worth 20,9 billion tenge was produced * The market share of Kazakhstani cars exceeds 54% Domestic car manufacturers, against the backdrop of a low base in January last year and sales growth, significantly increased production. According to the Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB), in January 2019, 3 vehicles of all types were produced, 227% more than in...Read More
Which cars lose value the least?
  Analysts from the Association of Kazakhstan Automotive Business (AKAB) have calculated which car models lose the least value in Kazakhstan after five years of operation. The study used the average price of a new car in 2013 and its resale price on the secondary market in 2018. It's no secret that after a new car leaves the...Read More
Best selling cars in January 2019
  * In January, Kazakhstanis spent 42,2 billion tenge (US$111,5 million) on the purchase of new cars, trucks and buses. *Seven of the ten most popular models are assembled in the Republic of Kazakhstan. ​​​​​​​* 50% of all new cars are purchased in Almaty and Astana In January 2019, the country's automobile market continues to grow steadily...Read More
In January 2019, 97 cars were registered in Kazakhstan
21,8% more cars were registered than in January last year Most registrations are in the Almaty region (05th region) White, gray, black are the most popular colors According to the Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB), in January 2019, administrative police authorities registered 97 cars, which is 815% more than in January last year....Read More
Bentley and Maybach lead the luxury segment in the Kazakhstan market
At the end of 2018, the number of primary and secondary registrations of Luxury brand cars reached 330 units, which is 47% more than the year before, and 62% more than in 2016, when only 204 cars were registered. The share of initial registrations over the past 2018, meanwhile, decreased by 3% and amounts to 13,6%. First on the list of preferences of wealthy...Read More
The market grew by 24% - every second car sold was made in Kazakhstan
  • In 2018, Kazakhstanis purchased 60 new cars worth 928 billion tenge. December 547 was the seventh month with a sales level of over 2018 cars/month and the best month for the Kazakh auto retail industry; 5000 new cars were sold in December. In total, the market in 5 crossed the mark of 786 thousand units, which amounted to...Read More
AKAB spoke about the prospects for the car market in 2019
  The Association of Kazakhstan Automotive Business (AKAB) summed up the results of 2018. In general, according to the vice-president of the Association Anar Makasheva, the past year was successful for the domestic car market: 60,9 thousand new passenger and commercial vehicles were sold worth 546,8 billion tenge, which is 24% more than in 2017. The industry has overcome several important...Read More