Toyota Center Almaty is the first official dealer of Toyota cars in Kazakhstan. In 1995, Toyota Center Almaty received the status of the first authorized service station of Toyota Motor Corporation in Kazakhstan and since that time has been a full member of the Toyota-TASS network of authorized service stations in the CIS. 


Around the world, the word "Toyota" is associated with the word "quality". In Kazakhstan, the word "prestige" can be added to this combination. As an official dealer, Toyota Center Almaty meets all international standards of Toyota Motor Corporation and strives to meet the needs of Toyota car owners in Kazakhstan. The showroom has a spacious showroom, where a full range of Japanese cars is presented. Qualified managers will help you choose the right model. In addition, the first official auto center Toyota Center Astana was opened in Astana, which also meets all the standards of Toyota Motor Corporation.


All Toyota cars, exclusively made in Japan, are adapted to the operating conditions in the CIS. All cars are guaranteed for a period of 3 years or 100 kilometers. You can choose the model you need directly in the salon, or order from the warehouse.


The service center is equipped with 24 posts with modern lifts of the famous German company Nussbaum, there are also 2 computer geometry stands, 2 tire fitting and balancing posts each, a studding machine, a device for boring brake discs (without dismantling). Your car is serviced by highly qualified professional mechanics who own the latest technological achievements in the field of Toyota car maintenance, who regularly undergo training at training centers in Japan, Germany, and Russia. It also has its own training room, where regular sessions are held with technical and sales staff. The service center has special equipment from leading manufacturers, designed for qualified and quick maintenance of your car, as well as to maximize the needs of Toyota car owners in quality service. Genuine spare parts are used for the repair and maintenance of your vehicle. All parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 


  • computer diagnostics of systems;
  • cleaning the injection system and replacing spark plugs;
  • repair of electrical equipment;
  • repair and adjustment of the engine;
  • boring of engine blocks (including V-shaped ones);
  • grinding crankshafts;
  • body work;
  • car painting;
  • repair of a mechanical transmission;
  • automatic transmission repair;
  • repair of units (distributing boxes, reducers);
  • running gear repair;
  • computer wheel geometry;
  • installation of accessories;
  • wheel studding and more.


The Japanese automobile company was organized in 1935 as a branch of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, engaged in the manufacture of textile looms. Its head Kiichiro Toyoda, the eldest son of the owner of the company Sakichi Toyoda, began to produce cars according to the American model. His slightly changed surname became the trademark of the company. Toyota's first all-wheel drive SUV appeared on August 1, 1951 and had the BJ index. In 1954, he received the legendary name Land Cruiser. In 1962, the millionth Toyota car in its history was produced at factories in Japan. The Toyota dealer network is actively developing: production of Toyota cars in South Africa begins at Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty.), Ltd. Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. is founded in Thailand. (TMT). In 1999, the 100 millionth Toyota vehicle was produced in Japan.


Location: Almaty, Suyunbay Ave., 151
Phones: +7 (727) 297-96-66, 297-96-13 
Fax: + 7 (727) 297-96-15
Email: Website:


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