Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 as a voluntary professional association of official dealers, importers, distributors and national manufacturers of the automotive market in Kazakhstan.

Membership of the association:

Currently, the members of the Association are more than 30 large and small organizations in the automotive business. Among them are such large automobile companies as: Allur Auto Group of Companies JSC, SaryArkaAvtoprom LLP, Astana Motors group of automobile companies KMK, AGROMASHHOLDING KZ JSC, Keles Distribution LLP, Huundai Center Almaty, Subaru Center Almaty , Toyota Center Almaty, Autocenter - Bavaria, Hyundai AutoTrans LLP, SVS-TRANS LLP, Kostanay Tractor Plant LLP, etc.

AKAB management

In the structure of AKAB, the leading body is the general meeting of members of the Association. The role of the executive department is entrusted to the president of AKAB. The audit committee performs the control function. The President and members of the Audit Commission of the Association are elected by the general meeting.


AKAB has close partnerships with non-governmental and public organizations, development institutions (National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken", "Qazindustry"), foreign associations (Association "Russian Automobile Dealers" (ROAD), All-Ukrainian Association of Automobile Importers and Dealers VAAID, Automobile Association "BAA")

The Association cooperates with more than 120 official dealer centers from 29 largest cities of Kazakhstan, within the framework of which partnership programs and information exchange are carried out.

Benefits of joining the Association:

1. Protection of interests

The Association organizes the protection and representation of the interests of its members in government bodies, defends the interests of domestic business entities and provides an opportunity to participate in changing and supplementing the sectoral regulatory framework. The Association is a member of NCE RK "Atameken" and is accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

AKAB is active in the information field of Kazakhstan and the Customs Union, publishing opinions and representing the interests of AKAB members.

2. Privileges

Members of the Association participate free of charge in events (exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc.) organized by the Association, have the right to participate in the internal events of the Association, an important part of which is not only the solution of issues on the current activities of the Association, but also informal communication between colleagues.

3. Professional communication

Members of the Association have direct access to information distributed within the Association (news, planned changes in the legislative framework, links to interesting articles, invitations to planned events) and can use the internal mailing list to communicate their information.

4. Branding

Members of the Association receive an additional marketing tool and the right to use the well-known brand "Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business". Information about the company is placed on the website of the Association, in all public media of exhibition and advertising nature (banners, booklets, leaflets, books, etc.).

5. Development of marketing tools and analytics

Joining the Association gives the company the right to apply and receive information about the state of the automotive industry in Kazakhstan. Analytical services include operational individual research and evaluations, forecasting (short-term and long-term), assistance in the preparation of company reports and research on investment projects, procurement planning and production processes, advice and training in working with statistical databases, situational analysis. Currently, the AKAB research database contains more than 700 different reports, reviews and works on the industry. The format of the prompt assistance of the analyst of the Association assumes a response within 1 to 3 days for any request relating to the above categories.

6. Contacts with business circles abroad

The Association informs about the visits of delegations of representatives of foreign business or individual companies, in meetings with which members of the Association can take part.

7. International cooperation

By joining the Association, the company gets the opportunity to directly get acquainted with the experience of well-known foreign companies in the framework of international cooperation programs.


Formation in Kazakhstan of a competitive, strong, modern market based on the best international standards and practices, as well as the organization of a balanced system of relations between the state and participants in the automotive market: consumers and suppliers of goods and services in the automotive and spare parts industry.


Informing the population about trends in the global automotive industry

Informing about changes in legislation, rules and requirements of the automotive market of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Strengthening relationships between participants in the automotive market of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Representing the interests of all participants in the automotive market in government bodies, business associations, incl. in NCE RK "Atameken" in order to draw attention to the issues and problems of the industry, as well as to identify, revise and reform outdated legislation governing the functioning of the automotive market and related industries."