At the end of two months of 2019, 5920 cars were produced in Kazakhstan


• In 2019, equipment was produced for 39,2 billion tenge
• Passenger car production increased by 35%
​​​​​​​• The share of Kazakhstani cars on the market exceeds 55%
Domestic automakers continue to increase car production amid market growth. According to Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB), since the beginning of the year, Kazakhstan has produced 5 920 vehicles of all types, this is 38% more than in two months of 2018.

The cost of automotive products released in February is estimated at 18,3 billion tenge, What's on 44,7% more results from February 2018 (12,6 billion tenge). The cumulative result of two months exceeds the same result of last year by 59% (39,2 billion против 24,7 billion tenge).

The greatest growth over two months of production shows Hyundai, produces cars "SaryarkaAvtoProm". In February in Kostanay it was produced 1 078cars, trucks and buses (+ 17 % by January 2019). In addition, it is the only manufacturer that exported cars in 2019. Went to Tajikistan 108 cars.

In Ust-Kamenogorsk the enterprise "Asia Auto" was collected 1 401 automobile (-37%). SemAZ produced 36 units of commercial equipment. "KAMAZ Engineering" produced 48 trucks, Almaty Hyundai Trans Auto, which plans to produce buses this year Golden Dragon, produced 16 units of equipment. Daewoo Bus collected 16 buses.

The share of imported cars in the market continues to fall. Based on the results of the first two months of 2019, Kazakhstan implemented 8 837 cars of all types, of which 4 898 domestically assembled cars.

​​​​​​​Vice President of ACAB:
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“The automotive industry remains a capital-intensive industry with a good multiplier effect on the country’s economy. Locally produced cars already have a market share of 55% in February - seven of the ten most popular models are assembled in Kazakhstan. We expect another surge in consumer activity with the allocation of a tranche of 10 billion tenge for car loans and leasing of commercial equipment. Over the entire period, more than 14 cars were sold within the framework of preferential lending programs.”
Date: 18.03.2019