Sales of new cars in the Republic of Kazakhstan increased by 49,8 Results of August 2020


 71% cars sold in 2020 – made in Kazakhstan
• Best selling brand in August – Hyundai
• Best selling model in August – Smooth R3
​​​​​​​• Chevrolet in the TOP 3 best-selling brands 
According to Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB), in August, Kazakh car dealers sold 8 639 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, as well as 1 112 units of trucks and buses totaling 94,4 billion tenge. Growth compared to August last year – 49,8%. At the end of eight months of 2020, the market grew by 16,4% to 53 409 cars sold (45 units for January-August 901)

«August has historically demonstrated a seasonal increase in sales, and is also showing growth this year. Moreover, this is the second month of the current year with sales of more than 9 thousand cars. Such significant results are due, on the one hand, to pent-up demand from previous months, and on the other, to the replenishment of dealer stocks. Demand for cars is growing month after month, which confirms that the Kazakhstan market is still not saturated", comments Anar MAKASHEVA, Vice President of AKAB.​​​​​
Sales of new cars in the Republic of Kazakhstan increased by 49,8 Results of August 2020 - AKAB

In the top five, which accounts for more 67% all sales are still very tight. The ranking of the best-selling brands of passenger cars in the reporting month is headed by Hyundai 1 697 cars (+ 37,1 % by July 2020). Lada with the result 1 642 sold cars in second position (-6,7%). Cars Chevrolet returned to the market in March, are demonstrating strong growth and with results 1 279 units in August they occupy third position (+ 258 %). In fourth place in August Toyota 1 173 cars sold (+ 38 %).

Demand for affordable localized B-Class models is still growing, part of the segment behind cars Ravon from Kostanay – 817 cars sold in August. Kia is in sixth place, it was sold last month 587 (-4,6%) cars. Dealers JAC sold (408 units; +148,8%) Cars Volkswagen in August in eighth place with a result 281 units (+ 24,3 %). The TOP 10 is completed by: Nissan (247 units; + 22,3 %) and Renault (215 units; + 18,1 %).

In the context of passenger models in August, it has already been the leader for several months Ravon nexia r3 - 730 sedans sold. Came to second place for the first time Cobalt Chevrolet - 675 sedans. The top three in August is completed by Lada Vesta with the result 608 cars. In fourth position - Hyundai accent (553 units). Next on the list: Toyota Camry (486 units), Lada granta (460 units), Hyundai Tucson (422 units), Kia Rio (343 units), Hyundai creta(330 units), Lada 4 × 4 (299 units).

Date: 10.09.2020