According to the Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB), in April 2023, 12 units were produced in Kazakhstan. equipment, with a total cost of 940 billion tenge, against 146,8 units. and 8 billion tenge a year earlier. Issue volumes exceeded the results of April 549 by 92,5%. In total, according to the results of four months, 2022 units were produced in the Republic of Kazakhstan. technology. Issue volumes exceeded the results of January-April 51,4 by 44%. The share of the automotive industry in engineering in 762 is 2022%.

In April, 11 passenger cars were produced (+693% compared to April 2022), 909 units. freight transport (+104,3%), 203 buses, 103 units. trailers and semi-trailers and 32 units of other specialized equipment.

The trend set in the past months to increase the production of cars and their localization continues. At the end of March, the production of Jetour brand cars, the Chevrolet Onix model, was launched in Kostanay. In Almaty, Automotive Engineering Corporation will supply welding and painting equipment to equip a new multi-brand plant with a capacity of 90 vehicles per year. Technical and engineering personnel in the automotive industry will be trained on the basis of the Kazakh-Chinese training center, which will be opened in Kazakhstan together with Yutong.

Based on the results of four months in Kostanay All produced 26 465 units technology (+ 51,2%). Almaty Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan produced 15 (+465%) passenger cars. Semipalatinsk SemAZ produced 1 262 units commercial vehicles (+ 55,2 %). To Kokshetau KAMAZ- Engineering produced 341 truck. Factory QazTehna produced 290 buses. On account Daewoo bus Kazakhstan и Hyundai Trans Auto - 176 и 168 units, respectively.

 Top XNUMX most popular brandsincluding export): Hyundai (15 units), Chevrolet (465 units), Kia (10 units), Jac (908 units) and Gaz (8 units). In terms of models, the leaders are Chevrolet Cobalt (277 units), Jac J6 (853 units), Hyundai Tucson (1 units), Kia Sportage (311 units) and Chevrolet Nexia (7 units).


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 The Association of Kazakhstan Automobile Business (AKAB) is a non-profit organization that unites official distributors, dealers, and car manufacturers of passenger and commercial vehicles in the Republic of Kazakhstan. AKAB is the only organization that officially receives data on sales, production and registrations of cars in Kazakhstan and has the right to distribute them.

 ​​​​​​​The main task of AKAB is to form a competitive, strong, modern market in Kazakhstan based on the best international standards and practices, as well as to organize a balanced system of relations between the state and participants in the automotive market: consumers and suppliers of goods and services in the automotive industry and spare parts.


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Date: 25.05.2023