New car market in Kazakhstan remains stable

Taking into account export deliveries, 2841 cars were sold on the official Kazakhstan market. At the same time, the domestic market of official sales of new cars in March showed an increase of 4,3% compared to the previous month and amounted to 2830 units. In total, since the beginning of the year, sales of car dealers amounted to 7917 units. cars. In this way, there has been a decline by 27,25% compared to the same period in 2016 (10883 units).

In March, the share of imported cars accounted for 67,6% of total sales. According to the results of the previous month, the share of imported cars was 68,3%. The share of cars produced in Kazakhstan, respectively: 32,4% of total sales in March against 31,7% in February.

Based on the results of 3 months of the current year, Toyota occupies the leading positions in terms of sales volume with a result of 1506 units. The second place belongs to Lada cars - 1271 units were sold in just three months. The third place in the ranking is occupied by Renault and 667 units. sales at the end of 3 months. In March, dealers sold 168 cars of this brand.

According to the results of March, Toyota remains the sales leader with a result of 648 units. The quantitative growth compared to February 2017 amounted to 39,4%. In second place are Lada cars with a sales volume of 481 units. and with a slight increase in sales of 3% compared with the previous month. The third place in the ranking with an increase of 22% and a volume of 194 cars is occupied by Ravon. Also, sales growth in March was shown by car brands: Peugeot, Nissan, Kia, Audi, BMW, Lifan, UAZ, Porsche and Mitsubishi

In the segment of affordable cars at a price of 3 - 000 tenge, the leading position is occupied by Ravon Nexia R000. Recall that in March an agreement was signed between the Uzbek manufacturer and AllurGroup on the production of a number of models of this brand at the production sites of the Kostanay plant.

Among cars of the low price segment costing 2 - 000 tenge, Lada Granta and Lada 000 × 3 are popular.

Among the premium segment worth over 20 million tenge, the Lexus LX is the most popular car. In March, 42 cars of this brand were sold.

Also in March, there is an increase in demand for commercial vehicles. The growth was shown by the following brands: Foton, Scania, Mercedec-Benz Truks.


Top 10 best-selling brands in Kazakhstan, January-March 2017


New car market in Kazakhstan remains stable - JSCAB


In export sales, Toyota showed a 37,5% increase compared to the previous month. In total, 11 cars of this brand were exported in March.


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