During the IV Forum of Machine Builders of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international experts will present global trends in auto production

On September 16, within the framework of the IV Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan, the basic world trends of the automotive industry will be presented by leading experts from the USA, China, Turkey, France and Germany.

On the agenda of the automotive section are the exchange of experience and discussion of new models of auto business, the development of alternative fuels, hybrids and electric vehicles, the introduction of "green" technologies and raising the environmental standard, a new reading of "business responsibility" and the modernization of the global automotive system.

Exclusive presentations will be made by:

Christoph Stürmer - Leading International Analyst at Price Waterhouse Coopers (Germany),

Mark Richardson - International expert of the global automotive industry (USA, Canada),

An Qing Heng - General Director of the Automotive Industry Advisory Committee (China),

Osman Sever - Secretary General of the Turkish Automobile Manufacturers Association (OSD)

Jean Todt — Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Road Safety, (France)

It is planned to sign a number of international agreements between the Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business and partner automobile associations, as well as agreements between SaryarkaAvtoprom LLP and a number of brand-owning companies on increasing the localization of production in Kazakhstan.






Help for speakers

Christoph Stürmer, Leading International Analyst,

Analytical agency Price Waterhouse Coopers, Germany

Topic of the report and presentation: "Trends and challenges in the global automotive industry"

Christoph Stürmer is the Global Lead Analyst for Autofacts, PWC's independent think tank for the global automotive industry. He has been actively involved in the development of the automotive industry for 20 years.

PwC Autofacts is an international team of automotive analysts and consultants. The team focuses on the research and forecast of vehicle production as well as major changes and trends. With their experience, Autofacts experts have supported PWC's global automotive consulting network of over 2000 professionals in over 50 countries.


Mark Richardson, International expert of the global automotive industry, USA, Canada.

Topic of the report and presentation: “Innovations in car production technologies. Product changes: new types of transport - drones, electric vehicles and trends in their use.

Mark Richardson is editor and regular columnist for The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star Wheels, and regular columnist for Thestar.com/autos. In 2010, he was awarded Journalist of the Year by the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada. Mark Richardson graduated from Ryerson University in Canada. Over the years, he worked in such major publications as: he was the editor-in-chief at the Canada Moto Guide; autofile.ca; autofocus.ca. As an expert in the global automotive industry, he has written numerous reviews, articles on the development of the automotive industry, global trends such as the development of electric vehicles, drones, connected cities, and an autonomous future.


An Qing Heng, General Manager, Automotive Industry Advisory Committee, China

Topic of the report and presentation: “Peculiarities of production of EV cars. Development trends. State support measures. New trends in car production.

Mr. Ahn has extensive professional and managerial experience in the automotive industry, particularly in automotive engineering and manufacturing. At various times, he worked at the Beijing Mechanical Plant, the Beijing United Automobile Manufacturers Organization and the Beijing Automobile Industry Company, holding various key positions as chief engineer, general manager and vice director of the factory.

Mr. An is currently the General Manager of the China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee and Chairman of the Beijing Automobile Manufacturers Association. Mr. Up is qualified as a Senior Technical Engineer (Professor).



Osman Sever, General Secretary of Turkish OSD Automobile Manufacturers Association

Topic of the report and presentation: "The impact of innovations in the global automotive industry on the development of the Turkish automotive cluster inside and outside the country"

Osman Sever was appointed on February 17, 2015 to the position of General Secretary of the Automobile Manufacturers Association (OSD). Graduated from ITU (Istanbul Technical University) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and is a 1987 graduate. Resolved many issues and proved the effectiveness of initiated projects in the automotive sector in the period from 2009 to 2014, working as a manager in the automotive industry abroad.

“Our industry is doing a very serious job. If we want to see Turkey's further development as a strong global player in the economic arena, we in particular must do a lot to maintain a stable position of competitiveness in the automotive industry. We have an industry that exports 900 cars a year. Our current and potential members can lead by example in investment in engineering and manufacturing. We must properly shape the relationship between NGOs and industry. We can create the right policy in this regard and we want to make Turkey a center of gravity in the automotive industry.”


Jean Todt (France), Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Road Safety

Topic of the report and presentation: "The impact of new automotive products on improving road safety."

Jean Todt is President of the International Motor Sport Federation and Secretary General for Road Safety.


Every year, 1,3 million people die in road traffic crashes worldwide. 50 million are injured. Half of all road traffic victims are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and motorists.

The UN Special Envoy is pushing for the adoption of national and international road safety programs. The goals of the UN program are to halve road deaths by 2020 and ensure safe and sustainable urban mobility by 2030.

Each of the high-level members will serve as road safety champions, supporting the creation of a new road safety fund, signing the 10-point manifesto for global road safety, and creating new momentum to address this global challenge.


Roman Kozhevnikov, Director of 3D Scanning Department, SIU System Company, official distributor of 3D Systems USA. Russia Moscow

Topic of the report and presentation: "Opportunities and benefits of using additive technologies in mechanical engineering"

SIU System provides advanced end-to-end solutions in the field of supply and maintenance of a wide range of high-tech 3D printers and scanners, software, industrial, laboratory, and measuring equipment. The company is an authorized distributor of the world's leading manufacturer of prototyping equipment 3D SYSTEMS (USA).

SIU System is clearly focused on the business needs of customers, carrying out individual selection of equipment and its full service. Among the priority business areas of SIU System is the integration of 3D printing and scanning into the automotive, dentistry, jewelry, and architectural industries. In Russia, the company actively cooperates with corporations, private and public organizations that use advanced prototyping technologies.


Alexey Stakh, Regional General Manager of Uber in the CIS countries, Minsk, Belarus

Topic of the report and presentation: “Changing the ways of car ownership, trends. New Services»

Aleksey Stakh is the general manager of Uber in Minsk and is responsible for developing the company's business in the CIS countries. Prior to joining Uber, Alexey worked on business development strategies in sales and e-commerce. Alexey has over 11 years of experience in launching international products in local markets, as well as developing and implementing online and offline marketing strategies. The first product that Uber launched this year in Kazakhstan is Uber X. This is the company's most massive product, which is something like an exchange for drivers. Uber is an international company from San Francisco that created a mobile application of the same name for finding, calling and paying for taxis or private drivers. The application is available in about 70 countries and more than 400 cities around the world. In most cases, drivers use their own vehicles, as well as those of taxi companies or partners. In most countries, 80% of the payment goes to the driver, 20% goes to Uber.


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For your information:

The Kazakhstan Auto Business Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 as a voluntary association of official dealers, importers, distributors of the automotive market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main goal of the association is to form a transparent automotive market in the Republic of Kazakhstan, to help AKAB participants in obtaining information, preparing reports and reviews, and also to help members of the Association and government services to solve problems that arise in the car market of the Republic.

Date: 14.09.2016