The Association of Kazakhstan Automobile Business (AKAB) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 as a voluntary professional association of official dealers, importers, distributors and domestic manufacturers of the automotive market in Kazakhstan.

Association Membership:

At the present day more than 30 large and small automotive businesses are members of the Association. They include such large automobile companies as: KMC «Astana Motors», Group of Automobile Companies of KMC «Astana Motors», JSC «AGROMASHHOLDING»,  «Allur Group» LLP, Mercur Auto, MAN Truck & Bus Kazakhstan, Hyundai Center Almaty, Neocar, Novline Kazakhstan, Subaru Center Almaty, Toyota Center Almaty,  Bavaria Autocenter, «Hyundai AutoTrans» LLP, «SaryArkaAutoprom» LLP, «CBC-TRANS» LLP, «Avtomir Motor Kaz» LLP, «Caspian Motors» LLP (RMA Kazakhstan) and others.

In addition to the active members, the Association includes associate members: financial and consulting companies, equipment suppliers, mass media.

AKAB Management

According to the AKAB structure, the Supreme Body is the General Meeting of the Members of the Association. The executive management is vested in the President of AKAB. The control function is discharged by the Audit Commission. The President and the members of the Audit Commission of the Association are appointed by the General Meeting.


AKAB is partnering closely with non-governmental and public organizations, development institutions (National Economic Chamber «Atameken Union», Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute (KIDI), foreign associations (Association of Russian Automobile Dealers (ROAD), All-Ukrainian Association of Automobile Importers and Dealers (VAAID) and Belarusian Automobile Association (BAA).

The Association cooperates with more than 120 official dealerships in 29 cities of Kazakhstan in implementing partnership programs and information exchange.

Association Membership Advantages

  1. Protection of interests

The Association organizes the protection of the members’ interests before the state bodies, fronts for domestic business entities and provides opportunities for participation in amendment of the industry-specific laws and regulations. The Association is a member of NECK «Atameken Union» and is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan to make expert examination of draft regulations affecting the interests of the private entrepreneurships (as part of the Expert Council on Entrepreneurship under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan). The feedback mechanism provides for attitude surveys of the AKAB members with regard to the draft amendments to the laws and regulations affecting the interests of the market players, with further development of consolidated reporting that is submitted to government bodies for review and consideration of the opinions presented. Furthermore, AKAB is active in the media space of Kazakhstan and the Customs Union by publishing opinions and promoting interests of the AKAB members.

  1. Privileges

The members of the Association participate free of charge in events (exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc.) organized by the Association, and may participate in any internal events of the Association held for a purpose of discussion of any current business matters and, just as important, informal communication between the colleagues.

  1. Professional interaction

The members of the Association have direct access to the information distributed within the Association (news, legislative amendments planned, links to interesting articles, invitations to events scheduled) and may use the internal mailing service to share their information.

  1. Branding

The members of the Association are provided with the additional marketing tool and the right to use the well-known brand of the Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business. The company information is posted on the website of the Association and all public media of exhibition and advertising nature (banners, booklets, leaflets, books, etc.).

  1. Development of marketing instruments and analytics

Joining the Association gives companies a right to request for and receive status information of the automobile industry in Kazakhstan. Analytical services include operational individual research and evaluation, forecasting (short-term and long-term), assistance in development of company reports and research activities for investment projects, procurement planning and production processes, consultations and training in operation of statistical databases, as well as situational analysis. At the time being, the AKAB research database contains more than 700 various reports, reviews and industry-specific papers. The operational assistance by analysts of the Association provides for a response to any query with regard to the above categories within 1 to 3 days.

  1. Contacts with foreign business communities

The Association informs the members about any visits of foreign business representatives or individual companies for the members could take part in meetings with them.

  1. International co-operation

Being the members of the Association, the companies can examine experience of leading foreign companies as a part of international cooperation programs.