The car market in dynamics 1st half of 2021

The car market in dynamics 1st half of 2021 - АКАБ
Date: 20.08.2021
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Brief results of socio-economic development

    1. Vehicles production by factories, vehicle types and models. 2018-1H2021
    2. Vehicles production, 2010 — 1H2021. Correlation between producer prices and output
    3. Dynamics of car production in monetary terms and the level of producer prices depending on the exchange rate of USD
    4. The volume of car production in billion tenge compared with the level of GDP and inflation, 2010 — 1H2021.
    5. Dependence of new car sales on the level of lending to individuals and the level of income in dynamics, 2015 — 1H2021.
    6. Average monthly nominal salary and price level for new and used cars in dynamics, 2017 — 1H2021.
    7. Dependence of the volume of new car sales in Kazakhstan on the level of average monthly nominal salaries, 2017-1H2021.
    8. New vehicles sales by brands, 2018-1H2021.
    9. New vehicles sales by models, 2018-1H2021. (TOP-50)
    10. New vehicles sales by segments, 2018-1H2021
    11. Vehicles registration (by type of registration, age, type of vehicle), 2015 — 1H2021.
    12. General data on the vehicle fleet in dynamics, 2018-2021.

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