The best-selling cars in Kazakhstan

The results of sales of new cars by official dealers of Kazakhstan in June 2013 were 14427 units (against 8445 units in APPG 2012, an increase of 71%), and in total, for the first half of 2013, this figure was 68750 units (last year of the same period ( APPG) - 39980 units, an increase of 72%). Compared to the previous month of this year, the growth was 9% (recall that in May this year, the adjusted sales figure is 13,3 thousand units). This was reported to the business portal by the Association of Kazakhstan Automobile Business (AKAB).

The share of imports among the cars sold in the first half of 2013 was 79%, the share of domestically assembled cars was 21% (54 and 263 units, respectively), in terms of producing countries in the domestic market, Kazakh assemblers firmly took second place after Russia.

Among car manufacturing countries, the share of sales of equipment originating from the Russian Federation remained practically unchanged (51,8% and the same in APPG), Japanese manufacturers reduced their share by 4% - now it is 9% (quantitative growth was 19%), imports of UZ products -Daewoo grew slightly in a share ratio of 8,6% (in APPG - 7,3%), but rose well in quantitative terms (5919 units against 2930 in APPG, by 102%). The share of the United Kingdom increased noticeably from 0,8% in the APPG to 3,2% in the 1st half of 2013 (2232 versus 328 units in the APPG, a 7-fold increase in the number of sales).

Korean manufacturers with a similar result in terms of share - 3,1% and a slight increase compared to the same period (share in APPG - 2,6%), while quantitative growth was more than 101%. German manufacturers are seriously lagging behind the market dynamics: a slight increase in number led to a loss of market share, and so, in general, a small one (0,9% in this half year against 1,2% in the APPG).

The results of sales of domestically assembled cars for the first half of the year showed an increase of 83% compared to APPG (14487 units against 7911 in APPG), the share of sales among manufacturing countries in the domestic market is 21%.

The top three among passenger cars produced in Kazakhstan, in terms of sales in the first half of the year, provided 48% of sales of all passenger cars assembled in Kazakhstan, these are Chevrolet Cruze, ZAZ Chance, KIA Cerato new.

In the budget price range (10-15 thousand USD), the ZAZChance model holds the top line (1100 units against 623 units in the APPG, 15% of the domestic passenger car market, an increase of 77%). In the next price range from 15 to 20 thousand USD, Chevrolet AveoNew (514 units, 7% share) is in first position.

In the range of 20-25 thousand USD, sales of the Chevrolet Cruze model remain on the first line (the share among domestic passenger cars is 21%, the quantitative growth in sales was 123%) with the results of the first half of the year 1524 units (against 684 in the APPG).

In the range from 25 to 40 thousand USD among domestic passenger cars, Skoda Octavia is on the first line (578 units against 334 in APPG), now its share of sales is 7,9% (against 9,1% in APPG). In this price range, the total share of sales decreased the most.

The range from 40 to 60 thousand USD is represented by the only model - this is KIA Cadenza (40 units since the beginning of the year against 49 in the APPG).

In the premium class of domestic production, there are only 2 models: SsangYongChairman is on the first line - 24 units of this model have been sold since the beginning of the year. In the same class, KIAQuoris is in second place (4 units in the first half of the year).

Summing up the results of sales in May 2013 of domestically assembled passenger cars, in general, our manufacturers pleased us in the first half of the year with a significant expansion of the range of models. Now this line is represented by 22 models from 5 leading world brands. In general, passenger sedans gave a sales growth of 99,3% compared to the APPG and this is the highest growth rate among all segments of the car market of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the first half of this year.

The share of SUVs of Kazakhstani assembly among all sales of new cars in the first half of 2013 amounted to 9,5% and 45% of all cars of domestic assembly.

Budget SUV Lada 4×4 "closed" 46,7% (54% in APPG) of the domestic SUV market, a drop in the share of presence by 7,4% compared to APPG (3049 units against 2160 in APPG).

In the next price range, from 20 to 40 thousand USD, the domestic SUV SsangYong NewActyon added the most to its share (9,6% versus 2% in APPG), the number of sales increased by 8 times compared to last year (626 units). against 79 in the APPG). In May of this year, the model took 2nd place (7th place a year earlier) in sales among all compact SUVs in Kazakhstan after the Russian-assembled Renault Duster, according to the results of half a year, 2 models of SUVs from the SsangYongKyron and NewActyon brands together took more than 20% of the domestic SUV market.

Kazakhstan-made commercial vehicles are gaining popularity: the Hyundai brand (including Hyundai Truck & Bus), which accounts for 98% of this segment, increased its sales by 3 times (357 units against 114 in APPG). During the first half of the current year, 318 units of trucks of this brand for various purposes were sold (against 114 units in APPG, an increase of 179%), 39 units of medium buses were sold.

In the first half of the year, in the segment of light vehicles (traditionally included in this table are PC, SUV, MPV, PU weighing up to 3,5 tons), sales growth was mainly due to class B budget cars.

On the first line of the table is the Lada brand with sales of 24173 units. against 13581 in APPG (average monthly sales increased by 37,6%, market share increased by 6% over the first 0,11 months).

On the 2nd place in the table is the Daewoo brand (5720 units against 2930 in APPG 2012) with an increase in average monthly sales by 47%, an increase in market share by 0,8%.

In third place is the KIA brand (5597 units against 2420 in APPG), the growth of the average monthly sales indicator is by 104%, the increase in market share compared to APPG is 2%.

On the 4th place is the Hyundai brand (5139 units against 3831 in APPG) the growth of the average monthly indicator was 48,2%, the market share decreased by 2,6%.

On the 5th place is the Toyota brand (4725 units against 3323 in APPG), the increase in average monthly sales was 16,5%, but the market share according to the results of 6 months decreased by 2012% compared to 1,9.

On the 6th place of the Chevrolet table (4452 units against 2038 in the APPG). Growth of market share by 1,3%, quantitative growth of the average monthly indicator by 73,4%, position in the table is the same as a year ago.

In 7th place is Nissan with an increase in average monthly sales by 45% (2785 units against 1528 in APPG 2012).

The 8th place in the table is occupied by the Renault brand, the growth of its average monthly sales amounted to 212,5% ​​(1885 units against 447 units in the APPG).

9th place was taken by SsangYong assembled in Kazakhstan, with an increase in average monthly sales of 45% (1471 units against 979 in APPG 2012).

10th place belongs to Kazakh Skoda cars, the growth of quantitative indicators of average monthly sales is 54,5% (1437 units against 539 in APPG 2012).

11th place in the table of light vehicles was occupied by the Mitsubishi brand with an increase in average monthly sales of 27% (1346 units against 1001 in APPG), and ZAZ in the table of semi-annual results - in 12th place, losing 4 positions to competitors (1330 units against 1065 in APPG) , whose sales growth amounted to 39% on an average monthly basis.

Date: 25.07.2013